If you have issues with your order, please send an email to ttorders@schoolkidz.com and they will assist you further with your order.


Is this site secure?
Yes. Our website conforms to online store standards. Your personal information will not be shared with any other party and is used for the sole purpose of ensuring your security as well as ours.

Where and when does my kit get delivered?
Your kit will be delivered any time from the time you place your order up until the designated delivery week your school has chosen. 

Will I be contacted directly when my kit ships?
Yes, you will receive UPS Ground email when your kit ships; sent to the email you provided when placing your order.

Do I receive confirmation once my order is placed?
Yes. You will receive a confirmation email with complete details of your purchase.

If I don’t receive confirmation, who do I contact?
Enter the email address you checked out with at https://www.schoolsupplykits.com/customer/trackmyorder and you will receive your order confirmation.  If you do not receive an email confirmation within 24 hours please email: ttorders@schoolkidz.com or call us toll-free at 1.800.975.5487

Can I use a debit card?
You may use debit cards provided that they are allowed to function as credit cards. (Most banks do allow this.) 

I am having problems adding/removing items to/from my cart, what do I do?
You may be having a problem with the cookies on your computer. The best solution would be to clear your browsers Cache and Cookies. Please refer to following document on how to do this:
Clearing Your Browsers Cache and Cookies

Who do I contact with questions?
Email ttorders@schoolkidz.com 

Can I order a Kit after the deadline?

Unfortunately, you cannot order the exact kit and have it delivered to the school. However, you can utilize our http://store.buildakit.net website and create your own very similar to the one offered through your school and have it delivered directly to your home.